As a member of How2Recycle, your team will be taking a real step towards transparency and circularity. Consumers agree: 84% tell us they are more likely to buy a product that includes a How2Recycle label. By making a commitment to better disposal communication on your packaging, you’re showing that you support a future where we empower consumers to recycle with confidence.

Membership Overview

Get In Touch

Get in touch with us at Whether your company is a brand, material manufacturer, or converter, our team will guide you through the process of joining How2Recycle. You will need to sign an agreement with How2Recycle and may need to fulfill an annual membership fee, depending on your company type.

You’re A Member!

Submit unique package specifications on the H2R Member Platform and receive a customized label + feedback. Depending on your membership type, this will be the label that is suited for on-package use or a Pre-qualification of the How2Recycle label.

Measure + Expand

The H2R Member Platform allows you to analyze the recyclability of your packaging, make R&D requests, and continue to improve the recyclability of your portfolio. You may request as many How2Recycle labels as you’d like; set goals for scaling up that make sense to your team and timelines.

Membership Dues