Translating Principles Into Action


Our Pillars are how we translate our principles of sustainable packaging into action-focused engagement with our members.

Each Pillar aims to help our Members meet their most pressing goals for sustainable packaging – whether with research into new materials, guidance on the evolving legislative landscape, Collaboratives focused on end markets, or the latest recovery technologies.

Innovation Pillar

Some problems can only be solved using entirely new strategies.With our members, we explore alternative ways to approach the package/product system.

Policy Pillar

The SPC does not lobby in favor of or against any specific legislation; rather, we provide an objective perspective on policy’s implications for more sustainable packaging.

Packaging Design Pillar

Effective sustainable packaging needs a holistic packaging design strategy. This means identifying opportunities for elimination or reduction, evaluating sourcing practices, optimizing for efficiency and transport, and working towards material health.

Recovery Pillar

A well-designed package isn’t headed for the landfill. Considering the recovery infrastructure of both today and tomorrow, we help the packaging value chain find solutions for a package’s end-of-life.

About SPC Members


The SPC brings together businesses, educational institutions, organizations, and government agencies that make up the entire lifecycle of packaging from sourcing to end-of-life considerations. We encourage and maintain a collaborative environment. Our end goal? Advancing and strengthening the business case for more sustainable packaging.

Since 2004, the SPC has been the leading voice on packaging sustainability. By giving our members a space at the table, we continue to build a more sustainable future. Membership provides access to our member directory, published material, technical guides, and reports. In addition to our industry leading annual SPC events, our collaborative space creates an environment to introduce new product ideas and partnership with others within similar supply chain positions.


Upcoming SPC Events

SPC Events are a convening place for thought leaders, value chain stakeholders and companies interested in learning, collaborating and taking action in sustainable packaging.

The location and central themes of our events change every year to include current trends, topics, opportunities, and challenges the industry faces.

SPC Advance 2024: Chicago

September 30 – October 2

SPC Advance is our Member only event.

SPC Engage 2024: Amsteredam

November 11, 2024

SPC Engage will be centered around Harmonizing Action.


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