Why Certified Materials?


The RMS has worked with industry leaders to develop two independent tracking system options supported by third party auditing integration to ensure that all use of recycled materials adhere to robust standards to close the chain of custody loop.

Applying Mass Balance to Recycled Materials

Mass balance claims use an accounting process (sometimes referred to as a credit system) to assign claims to particular product batches. The allocation can be made at different equivalencies to help support customer needs. The flexibility afforded by mass balance accounting enables market growth for both mechanical and chemical recycling pathways.

Get Certified

Do your part in reducing waste, creating opportunities for growth, avoiding emissions, and enabling a circular economy.



Recycling markets need the additional value of certified material!

Chain of Custody

True traceability of recycled material through the supply chain. Pass claims from recycler to end user, and comply with the FTC Green Guides.


Don’t suffer unnecessary audit fatigue! Reduce your costs and certify all your facilities in one fell swoop.

Tradable ARC Certificates

An innovative new revenue stream for recyclers. Secure your supply now before CPG brand demand skyrockets in ’24.


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