Collaboration is paramount to progress, especially when tackling sustainability challenges. We’re proud to align ourselves with strategic partners who are moving the needle forward.

Large pile of plastic PET bottles compressed and ready for recycling.

APR is a US-based international non-profit and the only North American organization focused exclusively on improving recycling for plastics.

How Do We Work Together? 

How2Recycle aligns with the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) Design® Guide and testing protocols when assessing sortation potential and technical recyclability of plastic packages. APR has been a critical partner for How2Recycle in navigating the nuances of plastics recyclability.

A modern plant for sorting and recycling household waste and waste. Large industrial complex of conveyors, bunkers.

As a mission-driven NGO, The Recycling Partnership is committed to advancing a circular economy by building a better recycling system.

How Do We Work Together?

How2Recycle works collaboratively with TRP, sharing research and data that informs our recyclability assessments. We have also partnered with Recycle Check to pilot the use of QR codes with the How2Recycle label, and are continuing to identify areas where we can collaborate to further both organizations’ missions.

ISRI is the Voice of the Recycling Industry™, promoting safe, economically sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling through networking, advocacy, and education.

How Do We Work Together? 

The How2Recycle program relies on the industry expertise that ISRI provides, including referencing ISRI’s model bale specifications to better understand and assess the existence of end markets for specific packaging formats.

Asian man using phone shopping beer in supermarket. Male shopper with shooping cart choosing beer bottle in grocery store.

Founded in 1933, the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) is the leading authority for the North American foodservice packaging industry.

How Do We Work Together?

Food service packaging is a challenging area within recyclability. How2Recycle relies on FPI’s expertise in this space and has worked together to identify areas where more research and data are needed.

Shopping with empty red plastic basket in superstore. Customer browses the goods in food and beverage department.

The Carton Council and its member companies are committed to building a sustainable infrastructure for food and beverage carton recycling through a united and collaborative effort. They work toward the continual goal of adding access and growing food and beverage carton recycling throughout the US.

How Do We Work Together? 

As the Carton Council has tracked and measured data on format-specific acceptance rates, How2Recycle has worked with them to understand and assess the credibility of the data to be able to make more informed decisions on carton recyclability.

News From Our Partners   

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