Taking the guesswork out of composting

How2Compost equips people with the knowledge they need to compost or dispose of packaging properly. There are many variations in packaging types and it is often confusing for people who are trying to do the right thing. With an easy-to-read label that can be used on any item that has received BPI compostable certification, How2Compost helps improve soil health as well as divert materials from the landfill.

Why should my company become a How2Compost member?

  • Compost is a valuable product that enriches soil health, including drainage and aeration, and has many other benefits
  • Food scraps breaking down in a landfill cause methane release, contributing to climate change
  • Waste diversion extends the life of landfills and avoids long-term disposal costs

Joining How2Compost is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate leadership in your field and to affirm your commitment to sustainability.

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Kelly Cramer
Director, Program Management; Director, How2Recycle