Zoe Slutzky graduated from the University of Iowa majoring in Informatics with a focus in User Experience.  She started her career working in the technology space helping a wide range of user types navigate software platforms.  During this time she became passionate about recycling and composting, and knew she needed to use her skills in instruction and communication to connect with consumers in how they interact with and dispose of today’s packaged products.  She is fascinated by human behavior and what combination of factors can help them transition into a more sustainable lifestyle.  She enjoys educating her friends, family, neighbors, and roommates on best practices and debunking common misconceptions (Yes, coffee grounds are compostable and no, receipts aren’t recyclable!). She joined the How2Recycle team in 2020 and is eager to make a difference with the How2Recycle team in promoting transparency, clarity, and recycling literacy.  She volunteers for her local chapter of Food and Water Watch in her spare time.