Prior to joining GreenBlue’s How2Recycle team as a Senior Project Manager, Nyssa worked as a senior R&D scientist at WestRock, leading the Fit-For-Use service platform that performs barrier and product testing primarily for plastic replacement projects. Her experience includes material and packaging testing, new product development, customer engagement, and project management. Nyssa received her master’s degree in chemistry from Old Dominion University and bachelor’s degree in chemistry and Japanese language from University of Virginia. Nyssa’s interest in sustainability began while working on plastic replacement projects which led to a deeper dive into sustainability topics. She completed a Sustainable Business course through the McIntire Institute at the University of Virginia and was a participant of the U.S. Department of State seminar in Copenhagen that focused on understanding the climate crisis through an interdisciplinary and foreign policy lens. When she’s not trying to save the world, you can find Nyssa enjoying her yoga practice, cooking and exploring vegan recipes, and playing with her two cats – Haggis and Bridie.

What is your why?

As I continue on my sustainability journey, I am motivated to find or implement solutions that will help lessen environmental problems. I have chosen to shop at refill and bulk stores using reusable containers to reduce non-recyclable packaging. I know that most people can’t adopt this lifestyle and that’s where How2Recycle comes in, to ensure that materials can be reutilized in the economic system again rather than going to waste.