Prior to joining How2Recycle as a Project Manager, R&D, Marina spent several years in the CPG industry, engineering packaging for various food and beverage companies and managing projects focused on providing sustainable packaging solutions. While obtaining her B.S. in Packaging Science from Rochester Institute of Technology, she found a passion for improving the everyday products people interact with in order to create a positive consumer experience while minimizing the negative environmental impacts of those products. She recognizes the important work that must be done to combat climate change and how packaging and consumer education can help. This and her love of the natural world led her to seek work where she can have the most influence to promote sustainable packaging and behavior. Marina can be found outside with her dog, backpacking through canyons and hiking up mountains, or inside with her rabbit, painting scenes from her adventures.

What is your why?

We need to build a healthy relationship between people and the planet. We rely on planet Earth for everything and Earth needs us now more than ever to give back to it. I feel a duty to be the best environmental steward I can and through my career and life, I hope to encourage others to do the same.