Published: June 11, 2024 How2Recycle

Where Can I Track Recycling, Materials & Packaging Policies? 9 Resources

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Across the country, packaging policy is changing. From EPR legislation in several states to recyclability label design laws in California, it can be hard to keep up. No matter if you’re a packaging designer, a sustainability officer, or an engineer, we’ve gathered trustworthy sources that you can use to keep up with all things packaging policy. 

Because when we’re all better informed, we can build a better recycling system. So check out nine resources for keeping up with recycling policy across the state and federal landscape. 

Keeping Up With Recycling, Materials, & Policy: 9 Resources

Packaging Dive’s Tracking US State Packaging Policies

On this live news page, Packaging Dive tracks everything from PFAS policy to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) bills across state legislatures. You can check out this page to see the latest updates from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, this page lists legislation based on the date it was signed into law. You can also filter by state, policy area, status, and year approved to narrow in on any specific packaging policy news. 

SPC’s EPR Guide

To track the changing landscape and do a deeper dive into EPR legislation, you can check out our sister nonprofit’s guide on all things EPR. SPC has everything from EPR 101 covered to more granular information, like what “Covered Products” (paper, beverage containers) are included in a bill. You can also filter through state-by-state to see a bill’s status and even compare EPR bills across states. 

EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Page

If you’re interested in keeping an eye on the national landscape, the EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management site has resources, information, and federal strategy. You can also check out their Laws & Regulations page, and if you’re interested in getting regular updates, they have an “In the Loop with EPA” newsletter, where you can get the latest from the EPA on circular economy updates. 

The Northeast Recycling Council (NERC)

The Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) is a nonprofit that drives research and outreach on issues associated with recycling, source reduction, composting, and more. The Council covers 11 states in the Northeast: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. You can follow NERC on social media, or subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest information for state-specific recycling intel across the region. 

Monthly Packaging Policy Roundup

Every month, our sister nonprofit, SPC, identifies and breaks down three of the most pressing packaging policy changes across the country. They cover everything from a bill’s status in the Legislature to what the policy would look like if implemented. You can keep up with them on SPC’s website or their newsletter

Resource Recycling

Resource Recycling magazine has covered recycling in America for the past 40 years. Today, the publication still helps shed light on everything from MRF updates to EPR implications across the country. You can subscribe to their print magazine or newsletter to keep up, too. 

Waste Dive’s Tracking the Future of US Recycling Policy in Congress

Waste Dive’s federal recycling tracker opens with: “Spurred by market challenges, the Hill has seen a historic influx of big bills.” Similar to Packaging Dive’s state legislation tracker, this page is regularly updated with the latest recycling changes in Congress. You can filter by policy, status, or session, or subscribe to Waste Dive’s newsletter to keep up with the latest on federal legislation. 

National Conference of State Legislatures’ Environment and Natural Resources Legislation Database

If you’re interested in being taken straight to the source, the National Conference of State Legislatures lets you filter based on policy area (from PFAS to plastic recycling legislation) to find legislation. From the homepage, you can find the full text of a bill as well as its history of passage (or lack thereof) through a state’s legislature. 

Global Plastic Laws

If you need to keep an eye out on legislation regulating plastic across the globe, the Global Plastics Laws website is an excellent resource for mapping and searching laws across countries. The website serves as a database and resource library covering plastic policies passed internationally. The resource is organized into nine “topics,” ranging from maritime sources and microplastics to waste management. 

Of course, you can also keep up with any How2Recycle relevant legislation by attending our events, following us on LinkedIn, Instagram, subscribing to our newsletter.


By: MK Moore, Communications, Content & Design Manager, GreenBlue