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Our philosophy

Sustainable materials management

GreenBlue is a non-profit that empowers business leadership to build a thriving, resilient material economy. We are dedicated to researching and promoting the principles of sustainable materials management – a concept that seeks to

Use Wisely

The old adage “waste not, want not” is more relevant now than ever. Use Wisely means that at each step of the production life cycle, we must seek to conserve material resources. The concept of dematerialization means combining various conservation strategies such as reducing the amount of materials needed to provide the function required, extending the service life of products, and eliminating the concept of waste by ensuring that there are robust markets to reutilize post industrial and post consumer materials.

Eliminate Toxicity

Providing consumers with products and services that are safe for people and the environment is only possible if they are made out of safe materials. GreenBlue is developing information sharing tools to help manufacturers communicate with each other along the entire product value chain, enabling them to make more informed decisions about the chemicals and materials they use to manufacture products.

Recover More

Recovering more value out of the materials economy is synergistically related to the principle of using materials wisely, because outputs from one part of an industrial system should be used as inputs to some other part of the system, so design issues impacting sourcing and end of life considerations start to become aligned.


Every day, we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals–in the clothing we wear; the detergents that wash them; the food we eat; the cosmetics we apply to soften our skin; the drinking water from our taps… the list goes on and on. Just in the last 50 years, chemists have developed more than 50 million […]