SPC Releases Comprehensive Update of its Centralized Availability of Recycling Study

When Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) initially published its Centralized Availability of Recycling Study in 2016, no comprehensive study of its kind had ever been completed. The research informed and guided meaningful conversation on recycling programs and packaging acceptance for recycling in the years since. Today, SPC releases a comprehensive update of this study.

This study investigates residential recycling programs across 1,950 communities in the United States to gather information on the availability of curbside and drop-off collection programs and the acceptance of 32 types of packaging formats in those programs. 

Understanding the acceptance of packaging in residential recycling programs is one vital aspect in assessing the likelihood that a certain packaging type will be recycled. This information serves a variety of purposes, including guiding improvements to recycling systems, informing packaging decisions, and substantiating one aspect of packaging recyclability claims.

Key Findings

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