Screening life-cycle assessment tool for packaging design


COMPASS (Comparative Packaging Assessment) is a streamlined life cycle assessment (LCA) tool for rapid package design optimization using industry data and internationally accepted environmental performance indicators.

The Problem

Consumer product and packaging design in most industries occur independently of each other and the there may be significant differences in the priorities among the traditional design inputs of cost and performance, brand aesthetics, and possible regulatory limits. Key environmental performance indicators aren’t easily incorporated into the design process.

The Solution

LCA can be leveraged to put the power of life cycle thinking in the hands of design professionals so they can choose materials intelligently and optimize designs for resource consumption, inherent toxicity potential and for solid waste disposal.


Packaging touches all aspects of today’s material economy and plays an integral role in delivering goods and services in a global market. The life cycle of packaging begins at design and material selection, and ends when the product is consumed. In developed countries, these materials end up being recycled, incinerated for energy, or disposed via landfill. Understanding the implications of the whole system at the start of concept development and design stages can provide critical information to optimize designs that work within current infrastructure.

EcoImpact on screenAs a streamline LCA tool, COMPASS can give directional guidance when multiple packaging choices exist to deliver the product. The process is simple, benchmark existing package and compare it to the new designs, select the option that fits best with the company and brand’s goal and track changes over time. As the global manufacturing community move to ever increasing data transparency, COMPASS can also provide the following services (see graphic):

  • Inform corporate sustainability goals
  • Screen new design alternatives – “design out”
  • Track recycled content
  • Engage suppliers in the dialogue
  • Profile environmental impacts
  • Track sustainability progress
  • Communicate efforts to internal and external parties
  • Understand solid waste profile
  • Benchmark existing portfolio
  • Understand life cycle impacts
  • Report success



COMPASS is part of a broad sustainability platform that empowers companies to operationalize their corporate sustainability goals.The EcoImpact platform enables mainstreaming of your sustainability strategy

  • Flexible product + package LCA analysis enabling a systems approach.
  • Advanced sustainability SCOREing
  • Enable template based Supply Chain scoring
  • Fully integrate into your work processes and IT systems.

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