Welcome: Lauren Francis

GreenBlue is pleased to announce that Lauren Francis has joined the team as  Events Operations Manager with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Lauren holds a BSc in Diagnostic Radiography from St. George’s Medical School London.

What inspired you to work in the sustainability field? 

I have always had an interest in sustainability, regularly implementing new green initiatives at home and at work. It was, however, having the opportunity to work with GreenBlue on their SPC event in London 2019 that showcased the amazing work of GreenBlue and their member companies. Working in the sustainability field is an exciting opportunity and foundation for my work as an events manager to have a tangible impact on the environment.

What do you hope to achieve at GreenBlue?

I cannot wait to deliver high impact events with a low impact footprint whilst simultaneously strengthening my understanding and knowledge of what sustainability truly means and how we can achieve it.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have a huge passion for food. I love learning about ingredients, preparation, chefs, and food culture. I am always looking for new restaurant openings to drag my friends to and I spend as much time as I can in the kitchen cooking and baking. To me, food is a celebration. I also love to travel, read novels, long walks with my dog, and following the NFL & NBA.

Happiness is….

Going out to dinner with friends and family, always three courses and always wine.

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