Welcome Introduction: Tesia Moore

Tesia Moore circleThis spring, Tesia Moore joins the GreenBlue team as an intern focused on the Charlottesville City Market  Composting Program. Tesia comes to GreenBlue as graduate of Stony Brook University and Green Mission Coordinator at Whole Foods Market Charlottesville. Learn more about Tesia in the interview below.

Tell us about your background.

I am a born and bred New Yorker. Growing up with an overflowing recycling bin and backyard compost pile, I became a strong advocate for recycling and resource conservation at a young age. This deep passion led me to Stony Brook University (SBU), where I studied Environmental Studies with a concentration in Waste Management. I devoted my 3 ½ years at SBU to educating the community about the importance of recycling and providing waste minimization tips. I am looking forward to a career in developing  solutions to our nation’s waste crisis!

What are you looking forward to in your internship?

I am very excited to spend my Saturdays at the vibrant Charlottesville City Market this season, educating market-goers on how to properly sort their waste and introducing them to at-home composting. I hope to build on the success of last season by working closely with market vendors to transition them away from disposables, and non-recyclable materials, to compostable ones. Additionally, I am very  eager to learn all I can about sustainable materials management from the experts here at GreenBlue!

What are your first impressions?

Walking into an open office with bright yellow walls, large windows, minimal lighting, and plants on every surface, I could not have been more excited to work in such a  natural, collaborative environment! With in-office compost bins, and a plethora of recycling bins for every type of recyclable material, I felt energized to know that I would be working with a group of people who truly care about their mission to “recover more.” Everyone has been so open and welcoming, I am really looking forward to working with a community of motivated environmentalists striving towards the same goal.

Happiness is….

To me happiness means living a life of passion and enjoying every moment of the ride! Working in the sustainability field brings me tremendous amount of joy and happiness. At the end of each day,  I feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing I am helping to address our nation’s complex waste issues, and helping to create a better environment and future.

Seeing the excitement on someone’s face when they realize that they were able to divert all of their waste away from the landfill brings a BIG smile to my face too!

Can you share one composting tip?

Green your morning routine by composting the remains from brewing your coffee or tea! Coffee grounds along with its paper-based liner can be tossed right into your compost bin. And don’t forget to add your tea leaves too. But before putting your whole tea bag in the compost bin, just be sure to check your box of tea to confirm the bag is comprised of natural fibers to ensure it will fully break down during the composting process.


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