Welcome: Bella Natale

GreenBlue is pleased to announce that Bella Natale has joined the team as a Marketing Associate with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

What inspired you to work in the sustainability field? 

When I realized that it did not just have to be a side interest. I have always been fascinated by the beauty and complexities of nature, and it wasn’t until college where I learned how I could combine my hobbies with my intended career path. From there on out, I have spent the past four years volunteering, interning, and working in different aspects of sustainability to promote environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic development. I still have so much to learn, and am very excited to continue on my education and development at GreenBlue.

What do you hope to achieve at GreenBlue?

I hope to be able to utilize my background in sustainability and business to help increase the current reach of GreenBlue. GreenBlue has an abundance of innovative resources, all that are imperative to the use of sustainable materials and help engage stakeholders on sustainable development. I hope to help educate others about these resources available, that can help alleviate the complexities and challenges of the current systems. The work being done at GreenBlue applies to everyone and I am excited to help GreenBlue expand their impact.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love being active, adventurous, and learning something new everyday. I enjoy connecting with others through fitness and travel, and spend the remainder of my time with my pup.

Happiness is….

Taking time to enjoy the little things in life. Sunrise yoga and smoothie bowls.

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