Welcome: Amanda Ellen

GreenBlue is pleased to announce Amanda Ellen has joined the team as a How2Recycle Project Associate with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

What inspired you to work in the sustainability field?

Growing up in a small town in NJ, I spent most of my days outdoors, running through the woods, and exploring all that the natural world had to offer. As I got older, I was able to see more clearly many of the issues that were going on regarding the planet and it made me realize that I had a lot more to learn. In college I knew that I needed to find a path that would allowme to gain more knowledge about the environment so I decided to get a degree in Environmental Studies. My freshman year I lived in a LEED certified building, joined the environmental club, and got a job helping the campus recycling crew. I ended my college career by creating a sustainability assistant position that provided me with an opportunity to learn even more while also teaching those around me. The assistant position fostered my passion for sustainability and set me on a path to find a career where I could pursue similar work.

What do you hope to achieve at GreenBlue?

While working here at GreenBlue I aim to inspire more people to become passionate about sustainability and our planet’s future. I am excited to provide companies and consumers with knowledge that will help them to implement healthy sustainable habits and goals. I am also eager to continue learning about ways that I can improve my own sustainable practices.

What do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not working, I try to get outside as much as possible! I really enjoy getting away from the city and going on hikes with my pup, Ziggy. I love finding new places to explore and I usually bring my camera to take pictures of all the exciting things that I discover. In addition to photography, I really love to paint and have recently started painting pet portraits for friends and family. I also like to stay active by going to the gym and playing sports like tennis, volleyball, and bowling.

Happiness is…

Something that evokes a positive emotion and for me it is knowing that the work I am doing has a beneficial impact on the world around me.

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