Welcome: Alessa Bazzi

GreenBlue is pleased to announce Alessa Bazzi has joined the team as a How2Recycle Project Associate with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

Why sustainability?

My family has always emphasized the importance of recycling and its profound effect on the environment since I was a child. About five years ago when I discovered the How2Recycle label I realized that even as an experienced recycler there was still so much more to learn. By joining the sustainability field my hope is to spread awareness and inspire others to create a positive impact on the world.

What do you hope to accomplish at Greenblue?

The How2Recucle label is making a huge difference in consumer recycling behavior. Consumers feel more confident in brands who use How2Recycle even when a package contains the Not Yet Recyclable label. I’m excited to communicate to brands how to make their packaging more sustainable and continue to empower consumers through transparent recyclability labeling.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love traveling and exploring new countries and cultures: Italy, Lebanon, and London have been my favorite travel spots thus far. If the weather is nice you can almost always find me doing an outdoor activity: camping, hiking, longboarding, or just laying on the beach. I also really enjoy reading and have recently found a love for true-crime podcasts.

Happiness is…

The experience of joy combined with a sense that your life is meaningful and worthwhile. My happiness is pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere with my three favorite boys: my fiance, Ryan, Jimi (Aussie/lab), and Paul (beagle/hound).

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