Walking the Walk with our Sustainable Conferences

At GreenBlue, we all do our best to “walk the sustainability walk” in our daily lives at home and at the office. In the past we have even had intra-staff challenges that involved sustainability actions like bringing our own containers to coffee shops and lunch spots for take-out food, eating more fruits and vegetables, collecting compostable waste in the office, and spending more time outside on a daily basis.

We spend our professional lives thinking about sustainability, but that doesn’t stop when we walk out our office door. We do our best to host sustainable conferences, too. What does that mean? First, we look for hotels that offer their own suite of sustainable practices, such as not laundering sheets and towels daily unless requested. We prefer to locate our meetings in a city center that is available by public transportation and allows attendees to walk to restaurants, shops, and sites. Our instructions to the hotel’s catering staff might also be seen as a bit strict sometimes: we require that water is served in pitchers or coolers with reusable glassware, cream and sugar are served in bowls instead of individual packets, coffee and tea are provided in ceramic cups with spoons instead of disposable cups and stirrers, sustainable seafood choices and local products are specified wherever possible…and the list goes on.

Though we are by no accounts perfect, and we don’t always succeed on every front, we try each time to raise our sustainable conference bar a little higher. This month we are proud to locate our SPC 2014 Spring Conference at The Westin Seattle featuring a number of sustainable hotel practices. Read about how SPC conference attendees can do their part at our meeting and make their own green choice and get rewarded.

Join us in Seattle to learn about sustainable packaging in the conference sessions while being surrounded by sustainable conference practices at the Westin!


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