Top Five Fun Facts: August

Eric DesRoberts continues his monthly series of facts and tidbits he’s uncovered during his research to better understand products and packaging. You can also check out his past Fun Facts here.

1. A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics finding showed that in 2011, the average US household spent more on pets ($502) annually than they did on alcohol ($456), landline phone bills ($381), or men and boys clothing ($404). Households comprised of only a husband and wife spent the highest amounts (just below $700).

2. Federal campaign rules allow Americans to make political candidates or committees the beneficiaries of their estates. Since Jan. 1, 2009, thirty-two people listed on federal campaign records as “deceased” have contributed more than $586,000 to congressional and presidential candidates and political parties.

3. August 12 marked the second annual World Elephant Day.  The street value of a single elephant tusk is approximately US$15,000 with the main market for illegal ivory being China. Poaching and habitat loss are two significant threats to Asian and African Elephants.

4. 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Almost 6 billion hours of YouTube are watched each month.

5. Earth Overshoot Day—the approximate date our resource consumption for a given year exceeds the planet’s ability to replenish – was believed to occur on August 22, 2012.  Since 2001, Earth Overshoot Day has occurred an average of three days earlier each year. Today, August 20, is Earth Overshoot Day 2013 and we have now consumed our annual resource allotment for 2013.

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