Taking the Nature Challenge

We’re doing it.

GreenBlue’s Executive Director Nina Goodrich heard about the David Suzuki Foundation’s challenge to spend 30 minutes outside each day in May. Nina said she was interested and asked us to join her. It seemed a perfect fit for a company dedicated to helping businesses achieve sustainability goals, so most of our staff of 17 said, “Yes.”
(It didn’t hurt that those 30 minutes can be used during work hours.)

According to the Foundation website, there are many reasons to spend time in nature: “The more we connect to nature, the smarter, healthier and happier we are,” and “Getting outside even makes us nicer and more likely to clean up the planet.”

If we’ve piqued your interest, look into signing up for the challenge yourself. Better yet, get your coworkers to join you, just like Nina did. Check out the David Suzuki Foundation website for more information and great ideas.

We decided to kick off our nature challenge with a picnic.

There are almost as many plans for how to spend those 30 minutes as there are people taking the challenge. A lot of us plan to walk and garden, others to play disc golf and run. The IT group will have its weekly meetings outdoors. Besides gardening, I know I plan to get reacquainted with my hammock. Many of us are blogging about our experience, so if you’d like, follow our adventures, thoughts and photos. Maybe we’ll all learn something.







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