Seattle: A City with an Encouraging Plan for Climate Change

Growing up on the coast of southern Maine, Seattle was about the furthest point in the contiguous US that I could travel. This is probably one of the reasons I never made it out there. While the SPC Conference (#SPC2014) will not necessarily be a vacation, it is an opportunity to be in an amazing new place while pursuing my interests and learning from packaging and sustainability professionals.

Looking into the city (mostly food and must see tourist attractions) in anticipation of my post-conference stay, I got carried away with clicks and found myself looking at Seattle’s Sustainability Initiatives. While I am not a city planner, and don’t have much experience in that space, I skimmed Seattle’s Climate Action Plan and wanted to share some of the highlighted goals. In addition to being a great city and home to many SPC member companies, it is encouraging to see that we are headed to a place that is in alignment with our values. It seems like there are a lot of great efforts underway, and I am looking forward to learning more about them in Dick Lilly’s, Manager for Waste Prevention and Product Stewardship for Seattle Public Utilities, presentation Wednesday morning.


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