Joint Industry Statement on Polypropylene


The following is a joint statement attributed to Steve Alexander, President, and CEO, The Association of Plastic Recyclers; Ron Gonen, CEO, Closed Loop Partners; Nina Goodrich, Executive Director, GreenBlue; And Keefe Harrison, CEO, The Recycling Partnership:

February 28, 2020 — With the recent announcements about challenges facing polypropylene recycling, some are left wondering what is the future of this material. Our organizations are coming together to emphasize that we stand by polypropylene and its viability in the circular economy. When recycling facilities have access to advanced sortation technology, polypropylene is a valuable commodity to recycle and can be continually remanufactured. Polypropylene has important and unique performance properties. We believe in the recyclability of polypropylene and are taking actions to improve the circularity of this material. Now is not the time to step away from polypropylene but to lean in. Together, we can stimulate a system-wide shift to increase the capture of polypropylene and demand of recycled content. We encourage all companies that utilize polypropylene to be part of the solution.

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