Confused About Plastic Recycling? Provide Your Input on Recycling Terminology!

A wide gap remains between the general public and the packaging industry when it comes to understanding recyclability terms, especially with plastics and the related Resin Identification Codes. A survey by plastics consultant Moore Recycling Associates is attempting to gauge the public’s current understanding of the terminology that their local community may use, and we encourage everyone to participate.

Moore Recycling Associates and Re-TRAC Connect tell us, “we are working on a project to standardize plastic recycling terminology: both for public education, and for commodity tracking. With your help, our goal is to create a clear, consistent set of terms throughout the recycling chain. The link below will take you to a short online presentation, at the end of which you will have the opportunity to provide your feedback on the proposed terminology. The deadline for feedback is June 11, 2013.

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