CCF Brands and Ecologic Brands Join the How2Recycle Program

The How2Recycle labeling program is growing in popularity, and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition is thrilled to announce two new participants: CCF Brands and Ecologic Brands!

CCF Brands is the company that distributes eggs to Walmart under the familiar Great Day Farms label. CCF Brands has two types of cartons that will carry the How2Recycle label: a fiber carton and a foam carton. The fiber cartons, manufactured with either 100% recycled material or 100% reclaimed paper, will carry the “Widely Recycled” label, while the polystyrene foam cartons will receive the “Check Locally” label.

We have a double announcement for Ecologic Brands, as they have both joined the How2Recycle label and received the first license fee financial sponsorship for the “Store Drop-off” label. Ecologic Brands created the well-known eco.bottle that consists of an outer shell paper bottle made of recycled cardboard boxes and an inner plastic pouch. This inner pouch is made from LDPE plastic, one of the two polyethylene plastics (along with HDPE) accepted at thousands of drop-off locations nationwide, and will carry the How2Recycle “Store Drop-off” label.

As we mentioned in an earlier blog, the generosity of the ACC Flexible Film Recycling Group (FFRG) has made sponsorships available for new How2Recycle participants using the “Store Drop-off” label. Ecologic Brands is the first participant to have their License Fee offset by the sponsorship. There are still sponsorships available, so if your company has a product eligible for the “Store Drop-off” label, act fast to claim a sponsorship while the opportunity is still around!

CCF Brands and Ecologic Brands join the 13 other How2Recycle participants in the sustainability endeavor to improve recycling rates throughout the country. Interested in jumping on the bandwagon? Visit for more information on the program and email Anne Bedarf to express your interest in using the label or apply for a sponsorship! 

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