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Tess Fennelly


Tess Fennelly is currently the CEO and COO of remooble. Tess Fennelly formerly joined GFBiochemicals in the role of Global Business Development for the Americas when GFBiochemicals completed the purchase of Segetis assets in early 2016. Tess brings 5 years of previous experience at Segetis where she helped position and establish commercialization of this new to the world bio-technology based on levulinic acid and its derivatives. With GFBiochemicals leadership, global position, and expanded portfolio offering, Tess is helping to grow these sustainable chemistries. Tess began her career in technical sales and learned different facets of the chemical industry at industry giants like Stauffer Chemical, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. and American Cyanamid (now Cytec/Solvay) with roles including business development, market development, strategic planning and mergers & acquisitions. Tess also ran her own consulting firm for over 10 years. Tess has a diverse background in traditional and sustainable chemistry.  She has worked in areas including adhesives, coatings, plastics, fibers and specialty chemicals in many industries ranging from transportation to personal care. She is passionate about safer chemistry and is a regular speaker regarding the hurdles and opportunities in commercializing green chemistry. Tess has a B.S. in Chemistry from Purdue and an MBA from Lehigh University.