Smith Lankford


Smith Lankford currently serves as General Manager of Quad’s Packaging Division.  He oversees the sales and production teams with three locations in United States, manufacturing site in Dominican Republic and four sales offices in Asia.  Smith has spent his entire career in the packaging space with focus in folded carton and label business.  He has been an integral part of various leadership teams throughout his career as outlined below.


  • CFO Colorcraft Packaging – small folded carton operation consisting of two manufacturing locations in North Carolina. Business was owned and operated by Management team with investment form Private Equity firm


  • Vice President of Finance Cadmus Communications Packaging Division – folded carton and specialty print operation with main facility in North Carolina. Company also ran operations in Dominican Republic, partnership in Honduras and sales offices in Asia.


  • CFO Copac Global Packaging Inc – member of management team that partnered with Private Equity group to purchase Copac. Managed the finance side of a business when purchased as $13M in sales and grew to $56M at time Copac was sold to Quad.  Managed relationship with Private Equity Group, banks, auditors, insurance, etc.  Attended and presented at quarterly Board of Director meetings for six years.


  • Group Controller Quad Packaging – after acquisition of Copac by Quad assumed role of Group Controller for Quad packaging for one year and then moved to the operations side of the business as General Manager.


During the past few years the Quad Packaging leadership team has seen a real shift in customers and their need to support a more sustainable future.  As a result efforts were developed to assist customers and help them better understand the components being used across the platform for there retail products and begin developing a better way.  Smith has been supportive of these efforts and willing to invest where needed.


On a personal note Smith is married with two daughters, one attends college in Florida and the other is in grade school in South Carolina.  He enjoys the outdoors and being active.  Avid cyclist, golfer and spend lots of time with his daughter(s) cross country and track team.