Essentials of Sustainable Packaging

Professional development workshop on sustainable packaging


The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging are customized training courses that offer a comprehensive introduction to sustainability considerations that apply to the entire packaging life cycle: sourcing, design, recovery, and beyond.

Led by the SPC staff, these tailored sessions present an opportunity to bring a company’s entire staff (from packaging, marketing, management, to sustainability) up to a common level of understanding about how sustainability relates to the packaging operations.

Courses are available to both SPC and non-SPC member companies. Discounts are available for SPC members. See pricing below for details.

Participants learn about:

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PLUS Companies will be able to select 3 optional modules for the afternoon session from the following:

Packaging Material Health: Mitigating impact throughout the life cycle

– Chronic concerns: PVC, BPA, heavy metals, and mineral oil
– Next generation innovations and nanotechnology
– Precautionary principle and policy considerations

Bioplastics: A family of different materials

– Bioplastics myth-busting
– Sourcing and recovery considerations

Sourcing Fiber: Considerations and Certification

– Key considerations domestically and abroad
– Sourcing and supply chain certifications
– Recovered fiber and recycled feedstock

The Food Waste-Packaging Nexus: The role of compostable packaging in food waste prevention

– Leveraging ReFed to explore the scale
– Compostable packaging as a vehicle for diversion
– Water-soluble, edible, and reusable alternatives

Packaging Forecasting: Exploring trends and crafting sustainability goals

– Examining industry leaders and boundary-breakers
– A new era of intelligent and dynamic packaging
– Establishing and reaching goals through incremental and transformative change


SPC Member Discount: $12,500 + Travel expenses for two instructors

Non-Member Companies: $15,000 + Travel expenses for two instructors

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Essentials of Sustainable Packaging


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