Compostable Packaging: The Reality on the Ground


Compostable Packaging: The Reality on the Ground

Compostable Packaging: The Reality on the Ground reports on how packaging is handled in industrial composting facilities based on a national survey conducted this spring. The 10-page report reveals survey results from 40 facilities that accept food waste, which were identified to provide a range of size, composting method and geographic location of facilities. Survey questions covered topics such as types of food waste accepted, composting methods utilized, how packaging is handled, and what problems facilities have encountered in accepting packaging.

The survey was motivated by the packaging industry’s confusion as to how composting facilities treat foodservice packaging as some facilities reject packaging, citing it as a contaminant to their composting process and finished product. Due to the growing number of individual facility, regional, and state compostability standards, packaging designers and engineers have been unsure of how to approach compostable packaging.

Released June 2010

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Adam Gendell
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