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Why Harmonized Recyclability Labeling is Needed

Many of you may have seen recent media coverage of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s Labeling for Recovery Project, Restart the Cycle, a voluntary national label program to communicate about the recyclability of packages to consumers. As the project manager for this long-term endeavor, I particularly appreciated the labeling system being described as “reality-based.” Indeed, one of the goals of this project is to better understand and implement … More

Sustainable Packaging Coalition Report Investigates the Climate Impact of Biodegradation in Landfills

On Mar. 29, 2011, at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) Spring Meeting, the coalition released its report on biodegradation in landfills and the resulting greenhouse gas impacts, a key issue for the packaging industry given increasing marketing claims that biodegradation in landfills is a benefit due to the growing use of methane-rich landfill gas for energy. More

GreenBlue in the News

GreenBlue in the News [Another possible way to do this – just call section News and have it be “News from GreenBlue and GreenBlue in the News” if we wanted to have news items that are not just blog posts (these could be pulled into home page news column as well. I’m thinking about simple announcements like “Event Registration Now Open” that probably don’t belong … More